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M.Finneran, Public House & Grocery Store, Urbex, Abandoned
House Emmanuelle, Urbex, Ireland, Abandoned Ireland, Decay, Catholic, A World in Ruins

House Emmanuelle, Ireland
Visited July 2024

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Le Manoir Rituel, France, Urbex, Abandoned, A World in Ruins

Le Manoir Rituel, France
Visited June 2023

Lungenheilstätte-Lung Sanitorium, Grabowsee, Berlin, Germany, Urbex, Abandoned Berlin
Cannon Brewery, Sheffield, Urbex, Abandoned, A World in Ruins
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urbex belgium, abandoned belgium
abandoned luxenburg, urbex luxemburg
urbex greece, abandoned greece
abandoned france, urbex france
urbex italy, abandoned italy
abandoned germany, derelict, abandoned red army hq, third reich,
Maison de l'Enfant, France, Abandoned, urbex, Derelict France

Maison de l'Enfant, France
Visited June 2023

Le Manoir de Madeleine, Abandoned, Urbex, A World in Ruins
Vogelsang Soviet Military Base, Germany, Urbex, Abandoned Berlin, A World in Ruins

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Visited June 2024

Cardiff City Asylum, Whitchurch Hospital, Urbex, Abandoned, Decay, Insane Asylum

Cardiff City Asylum 
Visited April 2024

Abandoned Ireland, Urbex, A World in Ruins

Ireland Tour

15 locations - July 2024

Abandoned France, Abandoned Belgium, Urbex, A World in Ruins

France & Belgium Tour

13 locations - June 2023

Levenshulme Swimming Baths, Urbex, Manchester Abandoned, Decay

Levenshulme Swimming Baths 
Visited March 2024

Manor Crucible, Urbex, Abandoned Wales

Manor Crucible 
Visited April 2024

St.Luke's memorial Hall, urbex, Abandoned, WW1, Decay

St Luke's Memorial Hall 
Visited Feb 2024

Abandoned Berlin, Urbex, A World in Ruins

Berlin, Germany Tour

11 locations - May 2022

Completed location reports: 319


I am delighted to announce that my book 'A WORLD IN RUINS' was published in spring 2022. All personal copies have now sold but it's still available directly from the publishers BLUECOAT PRESS.

Click here for further details. (Updated: January 2024)

A World In Ruins, the book, Bluecoat Press
A World In Ruins, the book, Bluecoat Press

 ruin  /  ˈruːɪn  


 ruins; the remains of a building etc., that   has been destroyed or that is in disrepair

 or a state of decay


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