ruin  /  ˈruːɪn  


 ruins; the remains of a building etc., that has

 been destroyed or that is in disrepair

 or a state of decay


Latest locations photographed:

The Yellow House

Black Magic House

The Blue House

Flamingo Cottage

Wilden Baptist Chapel

Old Rectory Care Home

Peggy Davies Ceramics factory

Stanton Orthopaedic Hospital

The Carpenter's House

House of Memories

Grand Imperial Photography Studios

Salford Crescent Police Headquarters

Olive's House & Village Shop[2 visits]

Château Banana [Fr]

Château Verdure [Fr]

Château de Chassey les Montbozon [Fr]

Rose des Vents [Fr]

Manoir du Philosophe [Fr]

Le Manoir de l'Alchimiste [Fr]

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