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Goldilock's House, Urbex, Abandoned
Goldilock's House, Wales

From the outside this former home is so unassuming. So unspectacular. Some locations have beautiful exteriors only to be a let down once inside. Maybe there is little decay or the furniture is bland so the interior is just not photogenic. This house is the exact opposite. Once through the maze of twisted branches and foliage - attempting to keep people away - there is a quite remarkable sight waiting to be found.

I went at the crack of dawn purely to avoid strong sun, the bane of indoor photography. I knew the windows had beautiful ivy cascading down them so wanted to capture that detail as well as the contents inside the rooms and any sun hitting the window would complicate this hugely - even with a full frame camera. Thankfully the windows were still the original wooden framed ones and hadn't been replaced with grotesque UPVC ones, always a killer for the photogenic nature of a room. I arrived just as the light opened up enough to start photographing at 6.15am, by the time I was finished at 10am the sun was blasting through the windows.

Each room had its own unique charm and elegance with three bedrooms. The most obvious thing with this house was its femininity. All the bedrooms belonged to ladies with no hint of anything belonging to a male occupant. I can imagine the house whilst it was lived in being such a charming little home, adorned with elegant furniture with its personal items still in situ. Vintage beauty products which belong to a different time, little trinkets now caked in years of dust. The ladies in the photographs found in the piano room and the lounge maybe the former residents?


It is impossible to say when the home became abandoned but from the decay and the items left behind I would hazard a guess that it has been like this for at least 20 years. Seemingly unwanted, forgotten and left to nature to take over and add its own spontaneous design ideas.

It does seem remarkable that none of the former occupants have family who have an interest in the house. Houses are always passed down to someone, after all, unless there really are no surviving relatives but that would be highly unusual. Maybe it is locked in probate?

Leaving the property was hazardous. The neighbours had gathered right outside the house for a morning chit chat so I had to sit in the foliage for 45 minutes until they ran out of gossip. I was hoping to hear someone say something about the house and who may have lived there or just any information, sadly it was all idol chit chat and of no use whatsoever.

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