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Le Manoir Rituel, France, Abandoned, Urbex
Le Manoir Rituel

This house was first on our list on the summer 2023 tour with Becci. We parked up in the blistering mid day heat and made our way through the trees and through the overgrown gardens to the house. A majestic country manor house greeted us with obvious signs of decay and neglect from the first sight. It took us a while of faffing to find a way in which we eventually did-thankfully.

Inside was a mixture of vintage decor and furnishings and years of neglect culminating in a quite morbid feel to the whole house - particularly one room upstairs. That was what looked like a religious room, possibly a dedicated room for prayers to be said judging my the religious artefacts and crucifixes in situ. The small picture from decades past of an old woman added to the morbid feel in that room. 

On the hallway landing upstairs amongst the mess - were stacks of old photographs and from what we could gather, it seems possible that this was a multi occupancy house related to religion in some way. Maybe a place where religious people stayed to do their thing - who knows? 

This was certainly a great start to the whole tour and was a taster of what was to come in the days ahead as we made our way across northern France. 

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