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villa contessa, italy, urbex, abandoned
Villa Contessa

The last stop late in the evening on day one of a 5 day Northern Italy trip accompanied by Becci [Ninja Kitten] & Kat [Obscure Serenity]. Took us a while to find a way in to this villa but with a bit of determination we found a way inside. Only when we left the villa a while later did we realise there was a much easier way in round the back. I blame Ninja for that!

Not too much left inside in terms of belongings but still enough to keep us busy for a an hour or so. There is no history on this villa at all so who lived here and how long it has been abandoned is anyone's guess. It does look as if it hasn't been lived in for quite some time judging by the decay. Synonymous with Italian locations, the colours of the walls took the eye. 

Large barrels were still in situ in the basement, I presume which were once used for making wine which would tie in to all the empty wine bottles found in another room.

By the end of our time here the sun was beginning to set and light fading fast so we left after a long day to prepare for day two of the trip.

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