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House of the Sleeping Bird, Wales, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelictaphy
The House of the Sleeping Bird, Powys

Split in to two separate locations with Storm Manor, The House of the Sleeping is the small annexe to the left of the main building in the cover photograph.  

Battling through a violent storm as the rain lashed down on the fragile building left abandoned in the hills of Powys, nside the annexe, a bird sleeps having taken its last flight. Not many rooms inside but the downstairs room possible served as a kitchen area plus living area for a live in employee - possibly a maid or servant - of the residents of Storm Manor. A beautiful old AGA still stands adjacent to an empty chair. A room of little décor and much decay yet brimming with atmosphere and mystery. A mirror catching the rays of light and refelcting them back on the AGA. What looks like a water well was found in the back utility room, probably pre-dating the battered taps over the large sink. The sleeping bird remained silent throughout as the cracks in the upstairs walls seemed to grow bigger with every footstep across the creaking bedroom floor.

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