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Storn Manor , Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
Storm Manor, Powys

A long day photographing was drawing to a close, drenched by relentless rain, hungry and tired, this lost farmhouse was last on the list of 'to do's' for the day. The February rains unrelenting I made my way up the path which was resembling more of a mini river and was quite impressed by the grand house in front of me.

Not really expecting too much from the small amount of information gleaned off the internet I was in for a pleasant suprise. A huge house with attached live-in quarters - named on this site as The house of the Sleeping Bird -  it was more than I expected. A grand old house full of splendour, fireplaces in every room nicely preserved with a touch of retro wallpaper just to add to the sense of history.  Torn lace curtains fluttered, pulled down by the damp at the broken windows adding a mysterious feel to the house, like ghosts undecided whether to stay or to depart.

I imagine this must have been a fantastic house to live in, with its many rooms and quiet spot amongst the hills and wondered why it wasn't still full of life and utilised by anyone now. Such a shame really. 


Getting externals was a nightmare,  trying to compose for a shot whilst retaining balance under foot and protecting the camera from being ruined by rain. This was one occasion where an assistant with a giant umbrella would be very welcome!

On leaving, as I trudged slowly through the treacle like surface of the fields, soaked to the core, the owner appeared and chatted with me for some time about the house. It seems it has been empty for 25 years, a new roof has been put on probably to hold off the barrage of rain which never seemed to stop here.  For someone, this could be a stunning home. For despite the torrents of spear like water raining in from above Storm Manor still stands tall, retaining its splendour and grandeur amongst the Welsh landscape.

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