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Saron Welsh Independent Chapel, Ddol Cowni, abandoned welsh chapel, urbex, abandoned
Saron Welsh Independent Chapel,
Ddol Cowni, Wales

The Wales online heritage website satates that Saron Independent Chapel was built in 1825 and renovated in 1894. The present chapel, dated 1894, is built in the Vernacular style with pebbledash walls, a slate roof, gable entry plan and small pane flat-headed windows.

To the right hand side there is a slate plaque inscribed: 'Saron/ Addoldy yr Annibynwyr/ AD 1825/adgyweirwyd 1894' which when translated into English reads; 'Saron / Congregational Worship / AD 1825 / restored 1894'.

It has a blind rear gable and a red brick and slate-roofed porch with entry via its side wall. The front gable and roadside elevations are enclosed by iron railings.

Like many of these chapels, this one is in a very remote location deep in the Welsh countryside with houses a scarcity in the nearby region. The chapel has seen better days and is now quite derelict. Inside, however, the chapel is quite lovely with its deep earthy orange coloured back wall and vibrant blue ceiling and side walls. The encroaching foliage gives it a nice organic touch.

I have no information regarding when it stopped being used for services but judging by the extent of the dereliction it's probably been abandoned for quite some decades.

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