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monastero MG, italy, urbex, abandoned
Monastero MG

Visited with Becci & Kat on our summer 2018 tour of Italy. We wandered in to the grounds via the fields which were overgrown after years of neglect trying to escape the burning sun.

The monastery itself has suffered a lot of decay over the years since closing and was a nice explore for a couple of hours. 

Many long corridors with rooms offset, most likely for the nuns to sleep in. In the centre of the complex is a chapel albeit rather minimal by Italian standards and lacking the usual embellishment of Italian architecture although the curved ceilings were lovely. The chapel has been targeted by vandals in recent years unfortunately.

Finding any historical information has proved near impossible after a long internet search. The other few reports out there have the Monastery dating back to the 14th century with the nuns finally vacating the site in the 20th century to move to another location. I can't verify this however. It is probable - as with other religious sites - the building was deemed unfit for modern purpose and the financial upkeep may have contributed to the nuns moving to a more modern and cost-effective place of worship. 

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