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Engedi Calvanistic Methodist Chapel, Brymbo, Wrexham, urbex, abandoned welsh chapel, abandoned wales
Engedi Calvanistic Methodist Church, Wrexham

Visited in 2018 with Louis on our Welsh day out, this was the forst on the list and turned out to be the most derelict of the ones we visited that day.


The former Engedi Chapel was originally built in 1820 as a Calvinistic Methodist Chapel. It closed in 2003 due to dwindling congregation numbers.

Since its closure it has been the subject of debate as to what to do with it since it bacame derelict and unsafe, with overgrown grounds with boarded up windows.Public opinion in the village has swung over the past decade from a desire to see the building renovated and brought back to its former glory, to a desire to see the site itself redeveloped, rather
than serving as a derelict, unutilised site in the centre of the village.

As of 2017 a planning application was approved for a single ‘L’ shaped building containing nine apartments spread over three floors, along with on-site parking.

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