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St.Paul's Church, Bradford, Miranda, Blue Church, Urbex, Abandoned
Church Miranda, Bradford

The first visit to this church was a failure, having arrived in complete darkness one evening, so a trip was pencilled in for the next day. Arriving early [light is always helpful in shooting locations!] we made our way in rather awkwardly via an open window, brushing ourselves down of all the dust and cobwebs that covered us.

Care and attention was in order inside, falling masonry from above, unsettled from it's position by lurking pidgeons who have made this church their new home as is often the case. The floors were solid n one place but gaping in others. All around, the decay was extensive. A church of such magnificence falling into ruin as the world watches and doesn't even notice.


A tragedy to see such a beautiful Church in such a moribund state. Crumbling walls, headstones smashed, bibles strewn around. 
St Paul's Church is a grade II listed building and most of the valuable items have been removed by the Church of England. Constructed in the early English style of architecture in 1846, its vaulted roof with its brilliant blue paintowrk seems to have had its final days as there doesn't seem to be any rush to secure the church or renovate it.


It is up for sale for £300,000 if anyone fancies converting it into something else, maybe a nice holiday home on the outskirts of sunny Bradford? 

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