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la casa dell' allenatore, italy, urbex, abandoned
La Casa dell’Allenatore

Late in the day after several explores, tired limbs trudged over the vast wheat fields to get to this abandoned villa. Becci- Ninja Kitten & Kat - Obscure Serenity and we spent a couple of hours inside photographing each room on our summer 2018 tour of northern Italy.

In the middle of the Italian countryside, this house - known as The Coach's House - stands empty of human life yet remains full of the artefacts left behind by the football coach who once lived here. The coach trained local children and is remembered fondly in the surrounding area for his devotion to the sport. Inside this large house lay the possessions of the coach testaments to his love of football; a vintage leather football, team portraits, medals and magazines. The house is almost a shrine to his life of coaching football. Additionally, clothes still hang in the wardrobes, cups still sit on the kitchen sink. The house has just stood still, a reminder of a former life, now gone. 

Many ceilings in the house still have beautiful frescos painted on, almost seeming to be out of place in the area the house is located. 

The house was hot, heated by a fierce Italian summer and flies were everywhere. Luckily we had water. Then a long walk back to the car over the wheat fields ready to find our hotel for the night before the next day's stack of Italian locations.

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