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Capel Zinc. Corris, Gwynedd. Wales, abandoned, urbex, abandoned welsh chapel
Capel Zinc.  Corris, Gwynedd, Wales

Hidden from the road, the only clue to its existence is a tiny gate by the road. The chapel itself has become surrounded by trees and foliage since becoming disused. Information is non-existent on this tiny chapel except that it was probably a subsidary chapel for the now Holy trinity Church in Corris.


Tin tabernacle chapels - also known as iron churches - are a type of prefabricated ecclesiastical building made from corrugated galvanised iron. They were developed in the mid-19th century initially in the United Kingdom.

The technology for producing the corrugated sheets improved, and to prevent corrosion, the sheets were galvanised with a coating of zinc, a process developed by Stanislas Sorel in Paris in the 1830s. After 1850, many types of prefabricated buildings were produced, including churches, chapels and mission halls.

A few of these tin chapels can still be seen dotted around Wales, most of them are long abandoned, some have been renovated into homes.

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