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Bethania Chapel, Wrexham, Urbex, Abandoned Welsh Chapel, Derelict
Bethania Chapel. Welsh Calvanistic Methodist Chapel, Wrexham.

Visited in 2018 with Louis, we came across this obviously abandoned chapel and were lucky enough to track down the key holder nearby who gave us the keys to go inside and photograph it.

Inside is in a better atate than from what the outside would suggest. All the original pews were still in situ and the tiled walls were still in relitively good shape as were the original stain glass windows. On the walls there were still bakelite light switches suggesting litle modernisation has been carried out.


Little is known about this chapel except this chapel was built in 1827, repaired in 1844, enlarged in 1860 and rebuilt in 1903. The present chapel, dated 1903, is built in the Gothic and Art and Craft style with a gable entry plan. There is no official records of when it stopped being used for services.

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