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Ad Ebenazer Capel, Anglesey, Wales, Abandoned Anglesey, Abandoned wales, urbex
Ad Ebenazer Capel, Wales

A chance find on a day in Wales exploring abandoned chapels and churches with fellow photographer Ceri Vale. One of many Chapels we did that day and this was a nice surprise find out in the middle of nowhere.

It hasn't been out of use for too long, unlike some of the ruined chapels you see in Wales albeit the deterioration of the interior had long set in. Everything was still in place from when the last service was conducted. In 2003 it was still in use so it is less than 20 years since it closed for good. 


The Ebeneser congregation's first chapel was built in 1805 and was rebuilt & modified in 1862 and again in 1883, but the inscription below the main window on the facade dates the present building to 1862.


The style is Gothic, but for a chapel it has an unusually large (six-light) traceried window, executed in correct flowing-decorated style (late 14th century), above the single gothic entrance door set in the main gable to the road. The chapel is rendered and down each side are four gothic windows but with simplified 'gothick' eighteenth-century type glazing-bars, which are thought to date from 1862.


There is a small cross-wing Sunday School at the rear which may form part of the 1883 alterations and a platform pulpit inside the chapel at the far end wall from the entrance. There is a large detached chapel house or manse to the right of the chapel and an extensive grave-yard behind the chapel. 

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