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Wedding Dress Manor, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
Wedding Dress Manor

Location number 3 on a full day of locations in the south of England, having finished at the Secret Morgue, myself, Tony and Shane headed off to find this location. Not easy to find being in the middle of a large forest, it required our mobile phones being linked to google earth in order to find the house, even though Shane had visited it before! After wandering around the forest for 45 minutes wandering in circles meeting the same trees time after time and not knowing if we were heading in the right direction we were eventually guided to it via help from the skies.

Doing our best to avoid  a nearby inhabited house - the only other house in the vicinity - we approached from the rear and made our way inside pushing through the dense undergrowth and overgrown unkept gardens surrounding our target.


Inside, the very large and spacious detached house was still in good condition and still retained enough personal items to give that much cherished personal feel. Vintage photographs - always a favourite of mine - lay scattered alongside wedding invitations. A retro touch to one bedroom with it's dressing table and twin table lamps adding a touch of 1970's nostalgia. A few bits left behind in the bathroom, personal grooming items discarded and still in place from their last use. Of course, the wedding dress, still in its protective cover and hat - hence the name of the house - were hanging up in one of the many bedrooms, a reminder of happier times in this little part of the world. 

It seemed that it could be very liveable still with decay being minimal and mainly confined to exterior doors and window frames. No tip toeing around creaking floor boards in this place wondering if the next step will bring the dreaded fall! 


In the outhouses were items left behind from old dolls, an ancient first aid kit to a full rack of unopened wine. Although it was a hot day none of us were tempted to pop open a bottle and have a drink [well,  I wasn't maybe the other's were!]


On leaving the premises we bumped into the neighbour who, after looking puzzled at our presence turned out to be a pleasant chap and gave us some information on the house along with his own. Apparently the house was taken back by the Crown some years ago who also want to take back the neighbours house [much to his protestation]. The last inhabitant - an elderly chap - let the house go, took the money and now resides in an old people's home. I guess he decided to take only essential items and hence the remaining items being left behind for people like us to discover! 

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