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Wallpaper Manor, Runcorn, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
Wallpaper Manor, Runcorn

Wallpaper Manor, named after its many retro wallpaper designs, has been abandoned for some time and is slowly decaying. Not a lot is left inside the House except for the myriad of wallpapers and the odd fireplace and torn curtains. After photographing it, I left a note at a neighbours house for information. His reply is below. A brief history and background.


........'Manor Farm was commissioned by Lord Richard Brookes to supply stabling and farming supplies for his Manor which was built on Norton Priory in the 1500's (After Henry V111's dissolution of all monasteries/priories).  In the early 1900's the manor house and a large amount of land in the vicinity was given to the state and left to become derelict.  In about 1926 the manor was demolished to show the remnants of the priory buried beneath and is now, I believe, a National Trust exhibit.  'Manor Farm' and our house 'Red Lodge' (built for Lord Brookes as the head game keepers cottage in 1870) were in the hands of a housing association and rented off. Later they were both left empty for a period of years. Red Lodge was bought a year ago by myself and 
renovated but I'm told that Manor Farm has had planning permission passed to demolish and replace with 15 semi-detached houses'........


Thanks to David Jones for that information.


So, it seems a stack of modern homes will be built on the land after manor Farmhouse is demolished. More history replaced by emptiness. 

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