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villa heil, belgium, urbex, abandoned
Villa Heil

One of many houses visited during this particular Belgium tour, Vila Heil stands proud next to a main road yet seems to have been forgotten and left to please itself.

Full of the last owners possessions from legal documents to stuffed birds and the usual personal items found in houses. Majestic and still in good condition, it seems strange no one has claimed this house, or if they have, seem to have no interest to secure it and keep it dry and free from decay.

Whilst downstairs was free from too much decay, some upstairs rooms were beginning to wilt, one in particular looked as if it was about to collapse in on itself at any moment. 


The legal documents lay around would suggest the last occupant had a connection with that field, possibly a lawyer which would tie in with quite affluent living in this massive house.


Photographs of what appear to be grandchildren have just been discarded, left to gather dust. A beautiful art deco bathroom looks tired yet still beautiful. Sweeping stair cases retain their grandeur yet no one is around to enjoy them anymore. The patter of feet replaced by the sound of shutters being fired.


A couple of hours was spent inside here, my usual obsessive detail collecting through the lens. I did however forget to go down in to the cellar which has one huge bookcase, a return can't be ruled out as I hate missing a single room, or a single detail within a room! 

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