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villa castafiore, belgium, urbex, abandoned
Villa Castafiore

It's a strange feeling to go into an abandoned house and the next door neighbours to be standing on their porch waving at you as you go inside! Maybe they were aware of the appeal of this house for photographers and were used to the sight of people going inside armed with photography gear.


Inside here were the left overs from what looked like a holiday home. Grand furnture remained, unwanted. The dinner table looked as if it was ready for guests to enjoy a few drinks and some food yet the ony guests inside this house were armed with cameras and not invites.


A lot of decay especially in the singular bedroom. Some paperwork left behind and personal items but this was a quick one hour shoot on the way to more larger locations.


Nice to tick off on this particular trip to Belgium. Sometimes it is nice to just go inside, get the images and leave rather than be bambozled by the extent to what can be photographed! 


Who lived here I dont know and I wasn't about to ask the neighbours!

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