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vampire house, welshpool, wales, urbex, abandoned wales
Vampire House, Wales

I came across this house by accident in 2017 on a trip across north Wales but it was clear someone was living in it despite it looking derelict from the outside. Again, in 2018 I passed it with some fellow explorers and we took a look through a window and saw the occupant sitting in bis lunge with a cat asleep. The interior looked decayed and unkempt which is evident in the photographs. 

The house started to appear online as an abandoned/derelict house in 2020 so obviously the occupant had passed away or moved elsewhere leaving his house behind. 

From personal items left behind, it's evident a Mr.Fox lived there and he was a policeman at some point in his life. Amongst the items left behind are photographs of police meetings and events. On top of this, all manner of personal items lay scattered around the messy interior, including a sewing machine, WW2 gas masks, cigarette cards and certificates. 

What will happen to this house? It is in a derelict state but not too much that it can't be renovated. With such pleasant surroundings, it would seem ideal for someone to do this and make it a home again. 

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