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Valley Cottage

Nestled up on a mountain side and almost impossible to see from the nearest road this house with its quaint appearance looked more like a little doll's house with the huge valley slopes surrounding it cupping it like a fragile piece of glass.


Delapidated and tired, the open door was a welcome sight to allow me to go inside and see what had been left behind.


Downstairs a lounge with some items left inside and a second room completely empty. A tiny kitchen was still quite well stocked if a little covered in dust. Upstairs just 2 bedrooms, one used a a storage room so wasn't worthy of venturing in to and the other with a loveley dressing table left inside along with a vintage camode.


The roof being half collapsed meant the inside was dripping with water leaving floors somewhat perilous. 


The most notable thing whislt in the house was the stunning scenery surrounding it. Sloping valleys as far as the eye could see. Above military jets flew too low for comfort. Out of nowhere they came, the noise deafening then in a split second they were gone.


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