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Tregaron Pottery, Ceredigion, Wales, Urbex, Abandoned
Tregaron Pottery, Wales
Formerly Castell Flemish School House

Found by chance on a roadside in Wales during a long 2 day trip photographing a number of locatons.

From the little info available online; this is the former Castell Flemish School House which - after closing - became home to Tregaron Pottery. The school itself was in use in 1938 according to archives yet when it originally opened is not clear and it possibly closed as a school sometime in the 1960s.

Tregaron Pottery became a Ltd Company in May 1969 yet there is nothing to be found about when it closed.  

Some of the clay goods were still inside left behind and have the stamp 'Tregaron Cymru', obviously left over stock from when the pottery closed for good.

Quite a photogenic building in the strong summer sunshine with light streaming through the derelict windows adding to the atmosphere inside. A nice little diversion on my way to other places, it's always nice to find something unexpected no matter how small and unremarkable they are.

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