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The Xmas Cottages, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
The Xmas Cottages, Cheshire 

No one but two cottages attached next to a hairpin bend on a busy rural road. Spoilt for choice for a few hours!

On an unseasonably warm and sunny spring day I spent the afternoon photographing these two cottages. The right hand side one is the one names Xmas Cottage. The left one is really a twin of it yet less appealing in terms of having things inside to photograph.

The Xmas tree I guess took centre stage of the cottage reminding me of the cottages personal history. It may be long abandoned and in disrepair but the hints of its last Christmas still remain. Not only a Christmas tree but decorations still hanging in situ. A Santa sock still hanging by the range. The clock on the adjacent wall however stopped at 4.20, am or pm? 


The most interesting thing in the cottage for me was the vintage Murphy 1950's television. One of many televisions left in the house all dating for the 1950's to the 1980's. Over two visits to the cottages, the televisions mysteriously moved and most were in different rooms to when I went the first time as can be seen in the photos. 

Chairs, clocks, newspapers and other bits and pieces still left behind downstairs meant there was enough to photograph and document in this little cottage. Upstairs there are two rooms albeit rather empty of anything of note.


From the back garden which was quite generous, the cottage was at some point home to someone who kept hens, there being a small hen house slowly decaying. The nicest room for me inside the cottage was the back parlour with its retro kitchen unit full of old jam jars, with brilliant light pouring in giving an almost etherel / ghostly feel to the tiny room.


Next door was less appealing. A couple of grand fireplaces, a small basket with a few nik-naks inside and a couple of vintage roller vacuum cleaners just about was all it had to offer. From what I have read, this cottage was still in use after Xmas Cottage was abandoned. A lady remained living there for a few years until she left, where to I dont know.


So what fate do these cottages have now? They have been bought so I am told yet nothing seems to be done to either secure them or repair them. To be honest, their position on such a busy road is quite awkward. Living there wouldn't be pleasant despite it being such a quaint part of the countryside. Maybe they will just keep on decaying as the hard winters take their toll and the summer rains soak the insides and then their only fate may be to be demolished which would be a shame. 

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