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The Toy House, Norfolk, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
The Toy House, Norfolk

This house was all about reminiscing about childhood memories for me....the games I used to play as a child were left inside this house. Spirograph, such a magical drawing aid for children of the 1970's! Just a shame the contents of the box were not inside otherwise I may have stayed for a lot longer! 


I was considering deleting the entire batch of photographs from here as I arrived after dark after getting lost on the way. Being confronted with a derelict house in the dark isn't an entirely nice scenario. Floors creaking, walls crumbling. Photographing is also very tricky. My aversion to flash meant exposures would be several minutes long in most rooms and even more upstairs where windows were boarded up therefore not even allowing the faint glow of the moonlight to enter the rooms. Some photographs were long exposures but not satisfactory to me. A few I used the dreaded torch to light paint, something I'm particularly loathe to doing.  Judge for yourselves the quality here but i thought it may as well go up here anyway and be done with it!


There were in fact 2 houses side by side. The one next door was completely empty and not worthy of photographing. This one was a delight. As mentioned, full of retro games and toys and enough artefacts and furniture to allow for interesting images. I have no history of the house, no idea when it became abandoned whatsoever. 


Gaining access would have been relatively easy except for the giant hogweed growing in the back garden and right outside the back door! A particularly unpleasant plant if touched, it took no little skill navigating my way around it then beating it down with my tripod in the pitch black. The house to the other side was occupied and the residents were home so shining my torch in the back garden wasn't an option. Suffice to say I made entry - and exit - without the dreaded burns of that rogue Chinese plant.

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