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St.Gabriel's Convent, Knolle Park Children's Home , Liverpool, Urbex, Abandoned
St.Gabriel's Convent, Liverpool
(Knolle Park Children's Home)

Built in 1828, the three-storey Manor House, then known at Knolle Park, was acquired in the early 1900s and initially run by an order of Roman Catholic nuns as a children’s home.

When the First World War broke out in 1914, the German sisters returned to their homeland and were replaced by The Poor Servants of the Mother of God.

The site was later known as Knolle Park Children's Home and during the 1960s and 70s various additions were made to the site including the creation of a series of outbuildings and extensions used as a nursery and children's home.

The convent was finally closed for good sometime around 2010. In 1975 it was first listed as a Grade II listed building.

The Home closed anid scandal.

In February 1998 John Christian - a voluntary worker at St Gabriel's Convent - was jailed for sexually abusing young boys over two decades at the Home.

Christian worked at the home and lived at a lodge on the grounds from the late 1960s until 1987.

A court report from the time stated that many of Christian's offences were committed at the lodge, but were also carried out in the dormitories and lounge of Knolle Park.

In addition,  May 1999, Abney Garsden Mcdonald, Cheadle, as co-ordinating solicitors issued new proceedings -

"Woolfe Style" - on behalf of 14 Victims of Child Abuse (All male) who attended St. Gabriels Convent (aka Knolle Park Children's Home) in the 70's and 80's.

Further allegations of the Nun's complicity in the abuse were made as reported here:

In 2018, the outer buildings were badly damaged in a fire yet the main manor house remained unaffected. It has however been looted by thieves and vandalised to some extent.

In 2017 plans were still in place to turn the site into [as usual] 'luxury apartments' as can be read here:

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