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urbex photography
The Lotus Graveyard

In a quiet rural spot in Wales this garden has become overgrown, a mass of brambles and other foliage vying for space in a maze of confusion it has created, Yet beneath it and entwined in its interior are a hidden world of vintage cars just left to succumb to natures relentless might. As it was raining it required a fast dash around them all, well not all as some were completely inaccessible without cutting gear! Not being a car expert I didn't know what half the cars were but recognised most from my youth, rusting piles of abandoned metal showing their age, accelerated by neglect.

Amongst the cars were  a Mk.6 Regal, several Lotus's, several Triumphs, a Wolseley 1500, Triumph Spitfire, GTE Schimiler, several Morris Minors and a Jaguar as well as many more. A veritable feast of car nostalgia slowly disappearing under its green sheet of nature. 

Were they a collection gathered by someone now passed on? Or maybe the owner just didn't sell cars he/she'd previously owned and merely left them to rust and become homes for spiders and other insects. In one car, a large bees nest prevented me from going too close, a reminder that once things are relinquished of ownership by human's, nature happily moves in and makes good practical use of it. Once we have no use for what we have made for ourselves there is usually a desire by nature to accept ownership and claim it as its own. In The Lotus Graveyard, nature has certainly made the cars its own and added its own touch of visual design to a man made past. 

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