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Huntsman's Lodge, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
The Huntsman's Lodge, Breconshire

Another trip down to Wales to photograph yet another abandoned cottage. Wales seems to have an abundance of these types of cottages, just left behind often with personal artefacts inside and almost always with their customary AGA. This location was no different. In fact it was one of my favourites. Still in reasonable condition to make the internal explore safe and without fear of injury, each room offered something different. First was the main dining room with its fading retro wallpaper. A majestic piano still in situ with a booklet of sheet music, opened up on a song called 'The huntsman'. This room in particular was almost as it probably was when this was still a home. Tables and settees - although becoming tatty and covered in dust - still waiting for someone to find a use for them. Some letters and framed certificates which were on top of the deep red tiled fireplace gave some clue as to who once lived here. How long ago that was remains a mystery and why they left and where to.

The kitchen boasted the typical large AGA range along with pans still on top. In each corner I looked were vintage items from washing powder to bottles of lotions from what looked like 30-40 years ago.

Upstairs, yet more rooms filled with history. On a beautiful dressing table in one of the bedrooms was an old bottle of perfume along with an empty sweets box, both intricate in design and reminders of how such things used to be made. 

Old suitcases lay in the hallway along with piles of books. A journey from Manchester was made by someone who lived here as stated on the suitcase tag. Maybe the most interesting thing to look at were the vintage newspapers, carefully placed on a table, dated 1953. Souvenirs collected from when Queen Elizabeth took the Coronation Oath and was bound to serve her people and to maintain the laws of God.

In all I spent a good 4 hours inside the Huntsman's Lodge. A magical throwback to a bygone age. Yet another glimpse into the past. 


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