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House of the Mad Artist, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
The House of the Mad Artist, Gwynedd

A former vicarage full of the last owners personal items. A calligrapher. An artist. A man of the cloth. This house seemed to be the former home to a man of many interests and talents. In all the rooms were religious items from books to crosses to photographs and bibles. It seems he was Greek orthodox from what was lay around in the form of clues. Many books relating to Greece and correspondence with Greek ministers suggest a Greek background. This was a curious house in many ways. The look and layout of the house suggested that the man's home was decaying whilst he was still living insdie it.


The bathroom was probably out of use hence all his personal care items being kept by the kitchen sink. In all probability the man retired from the church and came to live here to see out his days yet there are also suggestions he was a teacher of some kind, maybe religious studies or some kind of art. Art was certainly his passion. Dozens of artworks of his were just left gathering dust and books on calligraphy suggested his passion for learning this craft. Bottles of paint and inks remained inside the house as well as easels and other artist's materials. 


The house is now in an advanced state of disrepair and open to the elements, how much longer it can last is anyones guess but it certainly was a nice find if a little unneverving whilst inside with the constant sound of radio 4 blaring out from a nearby house!


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