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House of the Fallen Soldier, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
The House of the Fallen Soldier

The day had started at 4am in a car park where I met Shane & Tony for the first time, two like minded lovers of abandoned buildings. The day had ben planned to precision and included several locations to be visited that day. This location was the penultimate location, late in the afternoon. The sun beating down on us we eventually found this house after frantic sat nav searches and google earth searches on our mobile phones. Located miles from anywhere, pinning its exact location down was tricky but eventually we found it!

After beating back the lush over grown garden we found our way inside what was obviously an abandoned house, no longer inhabited and left to ruin. We could see straight away that the house had ben visited by 'people' long before us who had systematically thrown things around and ripped up floor boards to find their loot.

Inside however, was still a treasure trove of lost memories. Hundreds of photographs lay scattered on the floor and in little piles. Letters discarded to the elements. Amid the chaos were many artefacts to allow us to piece together who had lived here and some ideas of their life. 

The man who lived here was a soldier once upn a time and quite possibly a keen photographer judging by his collection of photographs. It really saddened me to see such beautiful photographs just left behind, snap shots of lives left to gather dirt and dust. 

I myself was so tired at this point I couldn't be bothered to open my tripod so shot at over 4000 ISO hand held. After 13 hours on the road in the hot sun and already 4 locations shot i was getting weary but our excitment was carrying us all through until the end. 

The location name has been omitted to allow this house some peace and quiet. Maybe a family member will return one day and collect the photographs and letters or maybe the huge owl which watched over us will guard them and keep them safe from harm.

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