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House of Shadows, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
The House of Shadows, Alderley Edge

Being at such close proximity, this house was probably left behind by the inhabitants once the new by-pass was built, the peace and quiet of their dwelling about to be ruined by the constant cacophony of traffic noise. 

Nothing much is left inside except for graffiti and strewn bottles and the typical signs of unknown persons helping themselves to fireplaces and electrics. The surrounding land is awash with biting bramble bushes as if attempting to prevent any unwanted visitors. It was quite unnerving inside for some reason . With this in mind and not wanting to leave empty handed photography wise, i decided to allow myself 60 minutes flat to get 15 photographs which would catch the atmosphere of the interior of this house, bathed in shadows and devoid of all of its former human existence.

Shards of light spearing in through the gaps in the roof and walls light up the decaying interior, the shadows dancing around me as the sun makes its way on its daily journey. After an hour or so I am ready to pack up and leave this brooding house. 


The decaying relic that is The House of Shadows stands out like an unwelcome guest casting its shadow across the idyllic landscape of the - so called - Cheshire set, and sadly this grand house with all its secrets will probaby not be there much longer.

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