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Hairdresser's Cottage, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
The Hairdresser's Cottage, Gwynedd 

Driving through the back of beyond to a different location I spotted this little cottage in the far distance. It looked abandoned from my vantage point high over head but needed a long walk over rough fields to get to and check out properly. The fact there was no path or road to the house was a bit of a give away. It wasn't that obvious where any road could have originally been when the house was in use but there must have been one.

Inside there wasn't too much too see. With the downstairs windows heavily boarded, the interior to the back room containing the kitchen was pitch black and even lighting with my torch produced poor results, hence only one photo from that room.

The main room downstairs was a rather sparse affair, just a large open fireplace and lots of litter on the ground, not even any floorboards remained if there ever were any. A few board games were left behind and a few jars but little else.

Upstairs was equally as empty so it was more a case of using what I had with the available light through the windows to capture something of interest. 

It's always surprising what can be found in abandoned homes and in this one was a beautiful double wardrobe, still in nice condition if empty of clothes. Beyond this, a certificate was found in an envelope addressed to Kymberley Jones, from 1991 for a hairdressing diploma. I couldn't imagine much business in this area for a hairdresser where sheep hugely out number humans. Maybe that's why the house was abandoned in order to seek pastures elsewhere.

Worth an hour or so before heading off to my original destination, not the best location admittedly. maybe the next one would be a treasure trove, just as I like them! [It was].

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