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The Green School

Visited during a 5 day trip to Belgium and Luxemburg with Ninja Kitten, this was a welcome relief  from cramped houses. Space to swing a cat is always welcome.

We spent a good couple of hours inside photographing what remains. The two sides of the building - as it wraps around a large outdoor area which was probably the playground - are contrasting in their state. One side is close to collapse, the other relatively well intact apart from the usual peeling paint and some graffiti.


I always find these types of places relaxing, free of stress of owners of houses turning up unexpectedly. Maybe because no one has any real personal interest in the building anymore, except for which ever building firm wishes to build on the site in the future.


The School, named The Green School originates from the late 19th century and today still stands as a monument of the past, but is in serious danger of collapse such is the parlous nature of some of the structure which is held up by scaffolding as the water pours in.

The school catered for upwards of 500 pupils and originally allowed students of all ages to study to gain a degree and from around the 1950s was a primary school primarily. It finally closed around 2005 when it was deemed to old for its purpose and hence a new school was built nearby.  It has remained abandoned ever since.


One part of the building had a fire and is no longer a viable renovation project which means one day it'll just be demolished with the rest which is a shame especially if the chapel goes that way to. 


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