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The Diary Keeper's Cottage, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
The Diary Keeper's Cottage

​Unlike many of the farmhouses and cottages, residential locations are unusual as their slow decay of torn and aged net curtains or ivy covered exteriors stand saliently amongst pristeen homes as if a reminder of how the home looked years ago. 

​The Diary Keeper's Cottage was so named due to the diaries left behind in the attic telling tales of romantic liasons between one of the occupants and another. Luckily when I visited this house, a local lady was only to keen to fill me in on some of the hstory to this house.

It seems that the father of the house forbade his daughter from ever entering one of the rooms to which she apparently complied. Why was this? Maybe it is connected to the dieries which by the time I visited had been removed, sadly, by whoever has just bought the property at auction.  The daughter then lived in the house until her death and was well known in the village for feeding local animals with potato peelings. She never moderninsed the house which can be seen throughout and after witnessing one of her cows being electrocuted in an accident avoided using electricity at all. 

Quite sparse of items since the recent clearance the house still had a few items remaining and is full of mystery and glimpses into the lives which once filled this house.

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