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The crooked Cottage, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
The Crooked Cottage, Denbighshire

Stumbled upon purely by chance whilst trying to track down another house, this little farmhouse was nestled away off the beaten track and seemed abandoned at first glance. I hauled my camera bag and tripod over a gate and strolled up a long worn track and wandered around the many out buildings to see what was there, or who was there. There were no signs of life anywhere so I was quite satisfied it was abandoned. A peer through a window and I could see that part of the house would not be accessible.

A little door however was ajar and lead me into the utility room, the only part I could photograph. Wrestling with my tripod, trying to position the long telescopic legs in such a cramped little room was tricky but I managed to get a few shots inside the room. 

A few remnants of a past life remained inside typically vetinary paperwork and substances as obviously this was the farmhouse to the adjoining farms surrounding it. Bottle of medicines for livestock still perched on an old shelf hinted at a farmer's working life. The farmer's shirt still hanging from the door gave a personal touch to the place as well as the fascinating old driving licences dating from 1959 still intact albeit covered in dust. 

Horseshoes nailed to an out building door lulled me into thinking this would be one of those houses that keep you inside for hours but it was not to be although it was a nice little find none the less. 

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