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the coffin shop, belgium, urbex, abandoned
The Coffin Shop

After much faffing with the sat nav sending us down tiny streets and the building seemingly not existing, me and my two friends for this three day trip across Belgium finally found it with a little help from a Belgium friend sending images of the externals...phew...

Most of the building was destroyed by fire a few months earlier, luckily the coffin section at the back remains intact. In all hpneslty there isnt much to photograph. It is basically a large warehouse with a stack of wicker coffins left behind after the business closed. Most have been positioned for previous photographs and looked somewhat strange in their unnatural positioning.


The coffins show signs of abandonment, covered in dirt and looking tired. The wicker exteriors lessening the macabre look of a typical coffin. Inside each the white lining looked quite luxurious and comfortable even though none were actually tested!


Only half an hour was spent inside, and then we packed up. We were then greeted by four Belgium Police officers, obviously a neighbour had seen us going in and called them out perhaps unsurprising after the previous fire here. As Belgian Police go they were very nice and polite with us, enquiring as to the type of photography we were doing and although looking a bit perplexed that anyone would find such a place photogenic, they were still intrigued by it all. The ususal passsport checks were done after the long walk to the car and we were let go with the request not to get caught anywhere else before 4pm when the older Policeman was finishing his shift; I guess he didnt want anymore paperwork that day!


Of course, we headed straight to our next location which was just outside the Police officers district

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