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The Blue House, Wales, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
The Blue House, Anglesey

Visited solo in summer 2020, this house had just popped up as a new find. Entry was fraught having to wade through thick brambles which is where the tripod comes in handy to flatten them.

Nothing is known about the last occupants or the history of the house and it was't possible to get any meaningful information from the letters and paperwork left scattered in the house. 

The house was used as a farm house as the land around it is all farmland with many outbuildings now disused. A generous house with many rooms, a large kitchen and several bedrooms. Some of the furniture has obviously been cleared out over the years but lots still remain especially in the upstairs bedrooms. Personal artefacts have been left inside and have gathered dust and began to decay. 

I'd say the house has been empty for quite some time judging by the decay on the walls, the cobwebs and also the amount of brambles which had managed to find their way inside the downstairs dining room. Artefacts left behind don't date beyond the 1970s and the kitchen is quintessentially 1970s in its feel. 

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