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The Apothecarist's House, Brinscall

Mr T.W & Mrs Murial Crowther lived here  - adjoining The Apothecary in their larger than average terraced house.  Mr Crowther was the apothecarist up until it closed for good in 1969. Mr Crowther passed away before his wife - who remained living in this house until she passed, believed to be in the 1980s.  Mrs Crowther (nee Fisher) was a local councillor and well thought of member of the local community. Mr crowther's son - former Swale and Rochester mayor Adrian Crowther - passed in 2022 and Geraldine White survives them all and lives in St.Albans. 

The house itself was full of dusty belongings and excess stock from the apothecary. Newspapers dated from the 1940s, letters from the 1930s and a packed ladies wardrobe straight out of the 1960s/1970s. 

The Apothecary next door can be seen here  [to go on soon] 

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