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Stud House, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
Stud House, Shropshire

A very secret house this one having only been photographed once before inside. I had a strange feeling before entering her for some reason. It felt odd. The house was obviously abandoned and in a very poor state yer something was telling me to stay away.

I didn't of course, and made my way inside somewhat gingerly and after the initial nerves had gone everything was fine and I settled down to take photographs at will and have a good look at all the items left behind, some being more interesting than others!


After photographing the first reception room complete with gas mask [being found, not worn!] I moved through into the main lounge, or what was left of it. This room was amazing. The decay on the walls had a sort of orange glow to it as it moved around the central art deco fire place. Vintage furniture and other house hold items made for wonderful photographs.


On to the first bedroom at the back of the bungalow. This room was fascinating due to the items left behind. All manner of items are found in houses which have been abandoned yet this one had a rather unusual collection of slides of 1970's chunky men baring all and in provoctive poses. We all have different intersts and tastes and the man who last lived here or his wife had very specific tastes! I resisted the temptation to set up the projector and have a slide show!


All was calm however as I lined up a shot of the wardrobe and projector, when the front door opened and in walked 4 people. Please be photographers I thought but no, they were the new owners of this house having just bought it! After initially introducing myself and explaining why I was there I apologised as is the right thing to do. The family were bemused as to why anyone would find such a decaying rotten house worthy of photographing  yet allowed me to remain to get more shots as they had a look around the house. They even explained to me what they were plannning to do with it, alas to say the beautiful art deco fireplace will be no more.


I was told to be quick as relatives of the last occupant would arrive at any time in order to collect items from the house and they won't be so relaxed about my being inside the house. They explained to me the last occupant was an elderly gentleman who lived in the bungalow as if it were a bedsit, only using a coupe of rooms and he had only died recently. To think he must have lived his final years in such a terribly decayed and dirty house is rather sad.


The new owners left, I quickly took a photo of the bathroom and kitchen and packed up and left not wanting to bump in to the previous owners relatives who were on their way. 


On the way out a large truck duly pulled up and the rest you'll have to wonder as to what happened!


Maybe that gut feeling before I went in should have been heeded?!

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