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Father Hudson Complex, St.Philomina Convent, Urbex, Abandoned
St. Philomena's Convent

St. Philomina’s Convent
St. Philomina’s Convent was built after the Second World and was built as a convent for the nuns serving St. Gerard’s Hospital. The name saint is an unusual choice, for already by the time the convent was built, the credibility of St. Philomena – supposedly a virgin martyr whose bones had been found in the catacombs of Rome in 1802 – was being questioned; never officially added to the Roman Martyrology, in 1961 the Roman Catholic church officially ruled that her feast day be discontinued and her shrine, in Mugnano, be dismantled.
As for the building itself, the interior has communal and service rooms on the ground floor and cells and related facilities on the first floor and in the attics.

Likewise it has been earmarked for demolition.


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