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St.Peter's Mortuary, Chertsey, Surrey, Urbex, Abandoned
St. Peter's Morgue, Surrey

Myself and two friends arrived here  as the sun was beginning to come up. The bleak exterior greeted us as the suns rays bounced off the metal grills over the windows. Inside, the damp and decaying interior gave an even more gloomy feel to what probably was a gloomy place when it was in operation.

For me it was the first time I'd photographed a mortuary and it certainly was a sober experience. The peeling walls indicating that it has probably been abandoned for quite some time.

The slabs to the cubicles have recently been removed yet still those cubicles sent a shiver down my spine as i tried to concentrate on capturing the images. The surgeons piece of equipment still lay on the cold metal tables, I considered a close up but decided against it!

The Chapel of Rest with its huge crack in the wall a relief from the gloom temporarily until we left to head to our next location. It was my first time in a mortuary, I imagine it won't be my last.

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