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Father Hudson Complex, St.Mary's Nursing Home, Urbex, Abandonedotography
St. Mary's Nurses Homes

The St. Mary's Nurses Homes complex was built around 1930 as a nurses hostel with the architect possibly being George Cox.

The central section was some type of administrative and communal area while the North and South sections were hostels for different types of nurses, perhaps experienced nurses in one section and trainees in the other. The interior is very limited and utilitarian in its decoration.

Surprisingly, quite a few personal artefacts remain inside the building - especially religious items - since its closure despite it being fairly accessible. Parts of the building have begun to deteriorate yet the rather grand staircase in one of the rear wings remains impressively intact. 

This part of The Father Hudson complex doesn't meet the criteria for being listed despite being considered reasonably attractive, albeit not architecturally significant in its Neo-Georgian design. Like St. Edward's Home for Boys, it has been recommended for demolition having no practical use for development. This is probably it's inevitable fate since a large fire extensively damaged parts of the building in June 2013. 


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