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Scary Mary's, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
Scary Mary's, Cambridgeshire

Visited on a solo trip in 2015 long before the house became a popular stop on the tourist trail and the portrait finally disappeared.

Not much is known about the house itself or the former occupants except the lady in the portrait. Her name is Elisabeth Thacker and was the great, great aunt of a local family who live close by today.

Considering the portrait is probably from the Victorian period, it isn't too scary, certainly when compared to some of the other portraits of that period of stern matriarchal women staring at the camera. There is almost a hint of a smile in her face. The other name of the house - 'Portrait of Doom' - is also a little unfair.

Once upon a time the house was most probably a farm house. This part of the country is flat farming land. The condition inside is parlous with windows smashed, doors open and walls beginning to crack. Enough of the original features remain to make it a very photogenic place along with some left behind artefacts to add the personal feel to the home.

As from summer 2020, the house has finally been cleared out by the family who now own the property and boarded up, who are waiting for Elisabeth to be retuned. 

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