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Salvation Army Citadel, Sheffield, Urbex, Abandoned
Salvation Army Citadel, Sheffield

The Citadel was designed by William Gillbee Scott and opened in January 1894 as the headquarters of the Salvation Army in Sheffield and cost £7,500 to build.

The Salvation Army moved to Psalter Lane, in Sharrow, in 1999 and since then the building has not been used. 

The Citadel was granted Grad II listed status in October 1995. 

The seated auditorium on the first floor could seat 1,800 people and was describes as one of Sheffield’s foremost performance spaces with the interior being lit further by a large central rooflight.

An application was submitted to convert the premises - with its elaborate Castellated style red brick facade - into a restaurant or bar in 2019 and this was approved by Shefield City Council as part of the 'Heart of the City II' redevelopment which is ongoing around the area the Citadel is located.  However, when we photographed the building development had not commenced. 

The proposal aimed to modernise the interior of the Citadel, making it fit for its purpose whilst at the same time retaining the important architectural features which give the building its character with the building’s exterior remaining largely untouched with only minor alterations to allow more daylight inside.

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