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saint evelise music school, italy, urbex, abandoned
Saint Evelise Music School 

Visited with Becci [Ninja Kitten] & Kat [Obscure Serenity] on our summer 2018 trip across Northern Italy. At times it almost seemed wrong to be inside derelict buildings when the natural scenery was so spectacular but thats why we were there!

We arrived at this location in mid afternoon sunshine and parked up. It took us a while to figure out how to access the front of the building as it is built into the side of a mountain but we followed a path down a hill and made our way to the front.

On fort viewing the building is in such an amazing place out in the Italian countryside. The building itself from outside was a rather unspectacular - if huge - 1960s creation now run down and abandoned.

The vastness of the interior was a surprise, so many different types of rooms from the large theatre to medical rooms and dormitories on the upper floor. One of the teaching rooms for music was still fairly intact, complete with vintage wooden desks and musical score signage on the walls. A real treat treat to photograph. Being a boarding school, most things were obviously catered for for the pupils who attended and the building comes complete with a large chapel. 

Some history:

Built in the 1960s and closed sometime during the 1980s this building didn't have a long innings at all. I can't find any information as to why it was so short lived or why no one has taken the building over. Then again, it isn't very practical for anything other than a boarding school I guess.

It was also used by boys in the vicinity as a summer camp. beyond that, history is hard to find.

So, another location ticked off and we headed East towards another asylum but we missed the turn off and only realised after we had gone 40 odd miles too far so we headed for the football coach's house; La Casa dell’Allenatore as a last location of the day. 

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