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Sabre Manor

A new location. Photographed for the first time. My companion and me took a while to find a way in such was the monumental overgrowth surrounding this house, but once through the open door what was revealed was a strange mixture of interior design styles. The bathroom firmly rooted in the 1980's whilst the kitchen resembled somethng from the 1970's with its dominat orange colour. The upgrade in the 1980's hadn't extended much further as most of the rest of the house was either more vintage looking or 1980's in look and feel.

The interior was remarkably well presevrved considering rain was getting inside the broken windows and rotten door, nature had krept into the kitchen to add that nice organic touch. 

The first thing that was noticeable was the ammount of taxidermy scattered around all the rooms. A dear's head on one wall, whilst a tiger stared out from atop a kitchen unit rather menacingly. 

Downstairs under the wodden stairs were parethanalkia from lon ago. An axe and a body armour fixed tot he wall. Maybe the former residents collected such items? They certainly collected moniature bottles which lined a shelf above the fireplace. 


How long yhis place had been abandoned for is hard to say but it seemed to be about 5-10 years from some of the paperwork found in the kitchen amongst a few old photographs and bills and other pieces of paper. 

We did have the thought that at any time the owners could walk back through the door such was the tidiness of the place. Always an unnerving exerience whilst trying to photograph a residential location and especially with farmers passing by outside!


Another house losing its battle with nature seemingly unwanted and forgotten. 

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