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Rosetta House, Chester, Abandoned, Urbex, A World in Ruins
Rosetta House, Chester

A rather non-descript house  - from the outside - at the side of a busy road in Chester. This wasn't a time capsule of vintage items, more a house rooted in the garish 1990s in its decor and furnishings. Not the most aesthetically pleasing decade for sure.

Inside was a house rotting to its core especially upstairs. Some personal items still in situ to have an idea of the house as it may have been when it was lived in. I've no idea who lived here and when they left for good. The only hint at the former residents was the collection of Rosettes won by someone who was a member of The Pony Club, dated 1954 to later. 

Not much else to say about this house. It looked sad in its state of decay and abandonment and it will probably be torn down in the future. 

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