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Rose House, Anglesey, Wales

One of the many abandoned houses dotted around Anglesey. Around every turn there seems to be yet another derelict former farmhouse, hinting at the change in practices in the area as people moved away from rural communities to the bigger towns and cities. 

This house was obviously a large grand farmhouse in its day. It's obviously been abandoned for a long time as the upper floors had collapsed in on them selves making it a very dangerous house to explore. Caution was needed inside and a constant eye on what was going on above. I did venture up the stairs about half way but quickly turned back. 

Downstairs was in a parlous condition as well, floors creaking and covered in holes where feet had gone through the rotten floorboards. Suffice to say, I only spent 45 minutes in there. 

The one thing that can be said about this house, it is a true representation of the reason for photographing these type of buildings, for this was truly abandoned in every sense of the word and very derelict. Some houses are merely between occupants. This was between its lives. 

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