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Raven House, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
Raven House, Herefordshire

Some houses are full of personal items left behind, some - like this one - don't have so much left behind yet still exhume a degree of mystery and charm, not by what is there but by what is missing. The empty spaces. The dark shadows. The transformation of astheatics over time, time devoid of human interference. 


Obscured by trees and a large overgrown garden Raven House isn't a typical farmhouse or cottage, rather a domestic residential dwelling albeit semi rural. Its rather grand arched doorway out of sync with the more humble interior. In essence and oversized 2 up 2 down not counting the tiny kitchen which nature had completely claimed as its own. 


Most windows were missing replaced with foliage. Most walls were extensively peeling. Most times covered in a think layer of dust. 

The owner's [maybe] jacker still hung by the front door, thick with dust and hardened by damp. Retro wallpaper added a touch of colour amongst the gloomy interior in this seemingly unwanted property.


Upstairs in one bedroom the bed - still with its bedsheets on - reminded one of a personal history to this house, next to it a wardrobe full of clothes and a stack of vintage suitcases. The other bedroom was more sparce. A dresser was all that remained, lost beyond the open spaces and advanced decay around it. In a drawer a few personal artefacts remained from some decades ago. Maybe the owner got lucky and won his punt on the pools and moved to another place? Maybe the reality is more mundane?

Despite the decay and lack of upkeep this house was in very good condition. A testament to previous building methods. I do think though that in time Raven House would be perfect for redevelopment and would make a rather pleasant home for someone in such a nice part of the Country.

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