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Rag Doll House, Urbex, Abandoned, Derelict
Rag Doll House, Gloucester

Visited solo in April 2019, this house was hidden behind trees beside a busy A road. 

It seemed that at some point there had been an attempt to renovate the house as parts looked modern whilst other parts were old fashioned and quite derelict. The main bedroom was in a parlous state and was a teenagers bedroom judging by the items left inside. Ivy had come through the window and the floor was creaking under foot.

An adjacent bedroom was spic and span and modern in look. A strange contrast to the parlous state of the other side of the house.


Many artefacts had been left behind to gather dust, discarded items from people's lives. 

The house is still there in 2020 and stays abandoned, waiting for the renovation to be completed, if it ever will. 

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