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Peggy Davies Ceramics, Stoke-On-Trent, Urbex, Abandoned
Peggy Davies Ceramics, Stoke-On-Trent

Originally the building was home to Wellington County Infant's School and was constructed in 1893. In 1982, it became Hanley St. Luke's C of E Aided Primary School.

The school closed for good in 2001 and was taken over by Peggy Davies Ceramics, subsequently closing for good in 2010 with the business continuing elsewhere in Stoke-On-Trent.

Explored solo in July 2020 and arriving very early in the morning whilst the local residents still slept. The climb up the ladder to gain access was relatively easy and once in the most noticeable thing was the massive amounts of pigeons residing in the ceilings. Perched in rows, flying around the building there were moments I had to duck out of the way. The floors were not visible due to their projectiles.

It's quite a lovely example of Victorian architecture inside especially the stained glass windows of the former school classrooms surrounded by their original wooden frames. Of more interest was how the junior schools were when in use and it was clear the large central room was the assembly room with the classrooms arranged off from that.

Remnants of the ceramics business are still inside, examples of their work strewn about the floors but I would have preferred to visit it prior to the ceramics business opening after the school had stopped functioning. The large Peggy Davies sign in the main hall did rather spoil the aesthetics of that beautiful main room.


Apparantly the building is listed so may remain in this state for some time to come, demolition not being an option as it stands.

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