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Orrell District Office, Wigan. Urbex, Abandoned
Orrell District Office

I spotted this building on my way to see St Joseph's Seminary which is very close to here and after a series of emails and phone calls and some waiting, I was granted permission to go inside and photograph it. I had never seen photographs of the inside so had no idea what the inside looked like until the doors were opened for me and I was allowed inside for a couple of hours.


A detchaed 2 storey red brick Victorian buidling which is short of available history on the internet. It was a former council office until it closed in 2013 as the council deemed it unfit for purpose and moved to more up to date premises elsewhere. 

The building was purchased for £400,000 through Pugh Auctions in June 2015 by an unknown person and it hasn't been disclosed yet to whether it will be re-used or modified for commercial use or demolished for possible further housing.


Photograph 01 shows the first stone laid with its engraving of  'this stone laid by C.Hartley esq. JPCC Chairman of the Council on June 19th 1907' meaning the building is over 100 years old and it is tired looking externaly.


Inside was fairly non descript and there was hardly any decay to make the interior more appealing. Even the staircase lacked any kind of significant aesthetic beauty. Left behind inside was some office equipment, the odd poster still on the wall and some pamphlets yet little else.


Despite it not being the best interior I have photographed it is still good to know that with the right approach and some patience there are kind people out there willing to give up their time in order for me to pursue this photographic venture!

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